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ImageThe FBI, the U.S. Secret Service and bank industry experts say malware contamination of a client's PC is a leading cause of account-takeover and cybertheft. This is a critical issue because losses can be unlimited and experts today widely acknowledge that "chasing the latest threats" with anti-virus software is a failed strategy.

The choice is simple. One can chase the problem or get ahead of it. Those demanding trust for their banking choose CyberShield-OS - the most popular free solution designed to protect against cybertheft and financial loss.

ImageCyberShield-OS delivers unrivaled security in a complete live USB package. As a trusted platform with 100% verification and reduced attack-surface it delivers an ideal environment to restore confidence in online banking safety.

Create your own CyberShield-OS USB in minutes with our free download. The download includes CyberShield-OS and the Windows installer making it easy for anyone to use.

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